This salon in a one-of-a-kind establishment.

Katrina, the owner, provides excellent waxing services. I just moved here from California and was nervous to find a new place for my brazilians. Katrina explained the entire job she was about to preform ahead of time and really informed me on aftercare, etc. She was fast, friendly, and most importantly professional. I'd never been so satisfied leaving a salon. 

Their customer service is also great. Typically with mom-and-pop places, I find the customer service to be inconsistent. That is definitely not the case with Mi Cumbia Organica. Alecia, one of the appointment bookers, is very accommodating and helpful. I forgot my credit card at home (a very embarrassing whoopsy), and she offered to have me call her from my house with the number once I got home. I wound up calling my boyfriend while I was there and giving her the number that way, but it was still an incredibly trusting offer. No one made me feel awkward or stupid for having left the card at home.

Lastly, I want to applaud them on their organic nail services. I got a pedicure for the first time last night, and my experience was delightful. The nail technician, Blanca, was very genuine and conversational. She did a fantastic job on my feet (a weird thing to say, I know) and there wasn't any chemical, plug-your-nose, here comes cancer, smell. She took her time and paid great attention to detail. I was very impressed.

Overall, I've had nothing but great experiences as Mi Cumbia Organica and highly recommend this salon to anyone in need of waxing/nail services!  Hannah M.