I will not go anywhere else for a -

- wax or pedicure in the Philly area! Ever since my first experience, I've had nothing but exceptional service. Karina is warm, personable, knowledgeable and always remembers details from my life that I shared with her at my last visit. The waxing is pretty ouchless and since I tend to be having a nice conversation with Karina, I don't really notice any pain! The pedicures have been amazing!! I've always had the coconut one and I practically fall asleep when the technician paints warm oil over my feet and legs and then massages them. It is so relaxing!! The added plus to all this is that the nail polish is organic. I've had the coffee, chocolate and even brought a bottle of bubbly when I was there with a friend, all adding to a luxurious visit. You will not be tempted to go elsewhere after coming to Mi Cumbia.  Serena S.