I have NEVER had such an easy, -

- painless, fast Brazilian in my entire life.  The owner, Katrina, did the waxing.  She was friendly, made me comfortable, was absurdly quick (like a fraction of the normal time), and was so gentle that I honestly asked, "Wait, that's it?" when she said it was done.  

Other total plus is that it is all organic, the waiting area was calming, they served a solid cup of Colombian coffee while I waited, and sell really cute jewelry and some Brooklyn chocolates I didn't know you could buy in Philly.  This place made me want to shout it from the rooftops that everybody should be getting bikini waxes at MI CUMBIA!  If I fall into some extra money and want to pamper myself, this looks like a great place for a mani/pedi too!  Digby F.