Just got an "express" pedicure ..

.. here after Rescue Rittenhouse had to cancel my appointment due to a power outage in their building. I was nervous about paying $40 for an "express service" but I was very happy with my results! It is a small place that emphasizes green products. Although thats a plus, its not a top priority for me (sorry!). I get mild ingrowns on my big toes and I get nervous about going to run of the mill salons and having them try and cut them, so I looked on yelp for highly rated higher end pedicures and ended up in Mi Cumbia. Extremely comfortable pedicure chairs that literally almost put me to sleep. The ambiance is extremely relaxing. The woman doing my nails was hesitant to cut my big toenails since they were so short (I tried to fix them myself) and ended up getting one of the other ladies to come do it. I appreciated her not doing something she wasnt comfortable with, and I really appreciated them taking to time to get someone to fix them for me. It says the express pedicure is 30 minutes but I did not feel rushed at all, and it did end up taking longer (in a good way!) All in all $39 is a small price to pay for getting rid of ingrown toenails and in a comfortable, relaxing, and VERY clean place! Cant wait to come back.

L K.