I felt compelled to join yelp in order to share ..

.. my experience with Karina. 

After reading other reviews, I decided to book my first brazilian. Let me tell you that I have made other attempts at other places, but always decided to stop with a deep bikini -  scared by the pain to take the full plunge.

I booked the appointment, I mentally prepared, I popped two Bayer Back and Bodies and made my way to the spa.

Everything that others are mentioning is absolutely, 100% true. Karina is very knowledgeable and professional. The spa is very clean but homey, calming and welcoming. She walks you through the entire process, taking time to point out where you are more sensitive. She asks you to concentrate on your breath when she reaches a point that may sting more than others. She applies a cream that helps close your pores and protect against bacteria. She also gives you a packet to take home for use after your first shower.

The price is comparable to other spas in the area.

The entire process was really quick and honestly the most painless bikini wax I have EVER received. I will absolutely be back.

I'm a total convert. Thanks Karina!!

Christina S.