I went to Karina for nails when she was ..

.. at Rescue Rittenhouse and really missed her after she left.  I've had my nails done at a ton of different places, in many cities, and she really is one of the best techs.  

I was extremely happy when I discovered that she is the owner of this new(ish) spa.  I went to get a mani right away.  And it was fantastic.  But for one nail clipped just a little too short, I can't find fault with anything else (and this, in and of itself, unusual!).  My cuticles were well taken care of; the massage was awesome, the color is great, and so far (24 hours and a couple of hot showers later) the dark polish is still there.  After she was done applying color, she even applied cuticle oil -- because they do get dry by the end of the treatment!  That was a super nice touch. 

Apparently, Karina was also happy to see me, since she gave me a 20% discount, which was totally unexpected but much appreciated.  

She showed me around the spa and I noted that they only have one pedi chair.  You can come with a friend, but one of you would not get the full benefit of the treatment.  Hmm, I wonder if that'd be okay with my sister? 

I'm definitely going back, soon.  Maybe I'll cancel my pedi at Rescue and get it done with Karina tomorrow.

Tough Crowd T.