Hooray! Tons of colors now!

Two comments after my last two relaxing visits:

1.  Minx pedicures really bring in the compliments!  I had silver  toenails that looked like little mirrors, which I endearingly referred to as my  "robo-toes," that lasted for about 4 weeks!  You can walk right out of there without waiting for Minx to dry, can slap on some closed toed shoes and not worry about smudges (perfect for the cold months ahead). 

2. Marjorie is the sweetest. Thanks for such a great Cumbia Colombiana pedi (I swear the platter filled with pedi ingredients looked good enough to eat!) and your help with touch up!

And they were reviewed in Grid Magazine (FINALLY!):
September 2011 issue

Karina and Justin, thanks for making Philly a healthier place to primp!

Kelly W.