I wish every spa/shopping/dining experience -

- could be like the one I had at Terra Mia. From the moment I stepped through the door, and was greeted immediately, to the follow-up emails I received after my treatments, I was impressed at the level of attention and care that the two owners of Terra Mia give to their customers. They've made me a customer for life; I'll never go to another nail salon!

The salon smells wonderful when you walk in, one of the many benefits of an organic experience. They have fabulous artwork on the walls, and the furniture and wall colors contribute to a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. Laura did my manicure first, and did a beautiful job. The coconut scrub used on my hands and forearms left my arms soft and yummy-smelling.

I got a pedicure afterwards, and was surprised that the experience was even more fun than the manicure. THOSE CHAIRS! They have these lovely massage-type chairs that vibrate from the bass in music being played within the chair. I felt like I was in the future!  They are the most relaxing things in the world and I want one for my house!

The checkout experience was easy and the owners are a pleasure to talk to. I was really happy to see an email from them the next day, asking for feedback on my manicure and pedicure. The email also included instructions for caring for your nails. My manicure lasted a little longer than one week, and I think it would have lasted longer if I hadn't insisted on doing dishes without gloves. My pedicure lasted a month, and also probably would have lasted longer if I hadn't taken the polish off myself. The polish is a bit difficult to get off, but they warn you about that, and it's a very small price to pay for such gorgeous nails and such a great experience. Thank you, Terra Mia!

Leslie G.