My husband took me here for my birthday. -

- We both got the coconut pedicures and manicures.  This place is fantastic.  It is decorated beautifully, smells clean and clear of any toxic smells.  Everyone was so friendly and nice.

Karina did my manicure and she was an absolute sweetheart and a pro at what she is doing.  The coconut massage on your arms and hands is amazing.  The color of polish was beautiful and my nails looked like a million dollars.  My husbands fingernails were perfect and are still shining even without any polish.

For the pedicure Karina switched and did my husband's pedicure while the woman that did his hands now took care of my feet.  I feel horrible that I don't remember her name.  I am one of those people that is too embarassed to reask someone their name.  But she was wonderful too.  We both loved the pedicure and the massage.  

Justin, whom I believe is Karina's fiance was so nice and I think he really made my husband feel very at home there.

We left there like we were walking on air and will be back soon.  If you haven't gone yet, get there now!

Cheryl M.