Wow. Wow wow wow ..

.. From the minute I walked in to Tierra, I found nail heaven. The staff is extremely talented, personable and professional. They thought of many of the details other salons forget - assisting me with my coat so I wouldn't stain it after trying a few nail colors, offering me a tasty beverage, helping me stow my gear. That care and attention would have me sold already, but then there are the treatments!  As this is an organic salon, there is no nasty, headache inducing nail salon smell - just sweet, natural scents of came sugar and coconut, or whatever treatments you enjoy. I had the lemongrass brown sugar pedicure, and my legs have never felt so soft as they do right now. No further moisturizing lotion required due to the avocado oil. My manicure was even more divine, if possible, with warm coconut oil brushed over my arms, and followed by cold coconut shavings for a delightful contrast. 

The polishes are all natural, so you can feel good about what you are putting on your body. 

It is pricy, but well worth it. I would go every week if I could. 

What more could I want?  More pedicure chairs (they only have two), and maybe someday they'll offer a wider variety of natural treatments such as massage and facials.

Totally worth it!

Michelle H.