Although there are reviews-a-plenty about -

- Karina's skill as a waxologist, I feel like the perspective of a first-time brazilian waxer is lacking, so here ya go all you hairy dare-devils-to-be. 

When reading Yelp reviews before my first ever brazilian wax, Tierra Mia was an obvious choice. Everything you read on here is absolutely true:

-Karina is adorable, professional, and explains every part of the process
-The place is so cute and obviously very clean without feeling (or smelling) like an obgyn office
-The price is comparable to others in the area, if not cheaper than some swanky Rittenhouse establishments

The other comment left repeatedly by reviewers is the the process is painless. Listen, dolls. You are ripping hair out of your hoo-ha. It hurts. Not hurts as in "Oh my lord, I'm going to have to walk out of here half-waxed because I can't take it!"... but hurts as in "Hey, everyone who said this didn't hurt at all: LIES!"

However, Karina totally prepared me for when it was going to be most painful, so I was ready. I can see how a first-time experience with someone who is not as skilled or detail oriented as Karina could be horrible, so I'm so glad she was *sigh* my first. I might swig a glass of wine or two before my next appointment, though!

I will most certainly be back in 5 weeks!  Kristen H.