I am writing this review a little late but -

- wanted to make sure to give credit where credit is due. As a small business owner, I know the importance of great and honest feedback!

I came here based on other Yelp reviews because I won't go to a salon or spa without first reading thoroughly through reviews. Obviously you get people who will complain no matter what or are very particular (and that's totally fine) but you should be open minded when reading reviews. I do feel that if you have a bad experience with any business, it is best to confront the business about your concerns first before expressing them publicly. If they don't respond or offer a chance to redeem themselves, then by all means, let us all know! Please!

Yes, this place is a bit small and I can certainly see how it might get cramped but having had a chance to meet and speak with the owners, I can tell that they care a great deal about their customers comfort level so I know they would never over book the place. 

You are greeted warmly and offered coffee and chocolate samples (for a very small fee of $1 ea - TOTALLY worth it). Then when I was taken back for my Bagazo Del Coconut pedicure, I met Karina, who is totally adorable and sweet. I loved talking to her throughout the pedicure and getting to know a bit more about Columbia and their culture. Karina explained a lot about the products they use and why they are environmentally safe - this was interesting and I really appreciated their efforts to educate clients. The service was great and the non-toxic nail polish lasted WEEKS!

I will absolutely return (once my busy schedule calms down) and I hope to make this a lasting relationship with their business. I look forward to watching them grow and hope they become one of Philly's most popular spas!! I have already recommended them to all my facebook friends and even got a friend to go the day after I did. I would gladly recommend this place to everyone I know!!


Noelle A.