" I was a little incredulous of the incredibly high reviews - "

" - for this place, but I see where they come from now and add mine to the mix!

Went here for a bikini wax and got 5 star service the whole way, starting with my phone call for an appointment! The woman who books the appointments is so warm and friendly and was able to give me a same day appointment two days before Valentine's Day... They had to have squeezed me in!

When I got there early, they didn't make me wait until my appointment time, but took me in right after they finished the person before me. I'm not usually one to chat during salon appointments but my waxer was so engaging and friendly that I barely cared that she was tearing hair out of my most sensitive region. She may also have just been very good at it... It was as close to painless as a bikini wax has ever been for me. And she talked me through all the details of maintenance and generally fun facts about waxing so that i felt totally comfortable and not at all apprehensive. When I looked at the results, it was exactly right- just conservative enough for my prudish sensibilities but neat and sexy enough for vday. So happy I went here! Highly recommend.

Edit:: I have to add that the atmosphere is so warm and natural feeling- very comfy as opposed to posh, and instead of women's magazines I found a book of Pablo Neruda poems to weep over while I waited. So great."  kate e.