" I only started going here last winter, when - "

" - I decided I wanted a manicure with a little more pampering than what you get at one of the in-and-out quick places.  I'd heard various good things about it, and figured I'd give it a try since the basic manicure was only about two dollars more than the other places.  

I love this place!  The people are very friendly in a genuine way - I never felt like I was a stranger, or shouldn't be there.  The place is small, but very pleasant, and nicely set up.  I have gotten some of the best manicures here that I've ever had, and they last without chipping up to five days - which for me is a miracle!  Even the basic manicure is very pampering, and when I recently tried a pedicure, it was decadent in the most wonderful way possible!

Everyone there seems more than qualified.  I have usually gone to Bianca, but recently had Jen do my pedicure.  I can't imagine that you could go wrong with anyone who works here. "  Bridget C.