" I know I reviewed MI CUMBIA in February, - "

" - but that was my first time having a Brazilian with Karina. I decided to provide an update because, since then, I've been going for a Brazilian and underarms every 3-5 weeks. 

Nothing's changed except that I've moved to DC but still go to Tierra Mia for my waxing. I have been getting waxed for the past 4-5 years and have never been this consistent. I'm consistent because I don't have an excuse not to be. I don't dread going for fear of how painful it's going to be or how astronomical the cost. Those were probably the two top reasons for my previous inconsistency. I don't think waxing can be completely painless because hair is being ripped off of your vajay-jay but she takes extra steps to ensure that you tolerate it as much as possible. That's why it's worth every penny!

The staff is always friendly and offer cold water while you wait (I've read other reviews where patrons were offered chocolate and other fancy stuff although I can't comment on it). It's always clean, and most importantly, Karina is always professional but warm. "  Ayana P.