" I had a terrible week. Health issues - "

" - + some other personal problems have left me in a bit of a meltdown, and my cuticles alone have been needing some TLC: I chew & pick on them when I'm sad & anxious, & this week has been, pretty much, nothing BUT sad & anxious.

Enter amazing sister-in-law extraordinaire with a gift-certificate to Mi Cumbia for a mani-pedi, which I oh so desperately needed. (Why yes, I DO have the best sister-in-law ever, & yes, you SHOULD be jealous...a SIL+BFF all-in-one is something not all women are lucky enough to have!)

So, now, about Mi Cumbia...I LOVE everything about this place. Everything organic, most products are vegan, love the decor, love the music, & everyone who worked there was super nice. Oh, and the raw organic chocolate from Colombia? Treat yourself!

Hanh did my mani-pedi & she was nothing short of phenomenal. Not only did she have to work extra crazy hard to get what might have been 4-5 coats of  ridiculous glitter polish off my toes (don't ask, I'm an idiot & shouldn't be allowed to do my own nails ever), but she cleaned up my cuticles so well that you would never know that my week was full of anxiety & sadness! My fingers are a beautiful shade of pastel pink, & my toes are a complementary shade of pastel green.

And all is right in the world. "  Laura Jill S.