Kristen S. ( 5 )

I am allergic to fragrance, and this is the first pedicure I've been able to get in over ten years.  While some other reviewers are frustrated at not being able to bring their own polish, I LOVE that about this place.  It's great for being fragrance-free and totally wonderful for the chemically sensitive.  When they say "organic" they really mean it.  It's not cucumber scent in the cucumber scrub or something that greenwashes itself by claiming to be "98% natural"--it's actual cucumbers spun in a blender.  It's not shea butter infused with something to make it smell good--it's just shea butter.  It took me about 20 minutes on the phone to confirm that I really truly wouldn't be allergic this place.  Justin steered me toward the cucumber-sea salt pedicure over the citrus one on the off chance I'd be allergic to the essential oils used in the citrus pedi.  Karina did my pedicure, and we talked about my allergy and she was fine with eliminating the one commercial product that had fragrance.  I subjected my pedicure to a week of sand, salt water, and equatorial sun--still going strong.  So excited to have found this place!!