" Excellent customer service! "

“ The ambiance is very relaxing and the staff are always welcoming. Karina is the best wax specialist I've ever seen and I haven't booked with anyone else since my first visit with her. She knows her stuff and is very caring and gentle. I also love that the products they use are organic and I don't have to worry about crazy chemicals being used on my skin. Worth the prices! “ Sheretta Taylor

" Mi Cumbia is amazing. "

“ They use top of the line products, do an unparalleled manicure (try the coconut) and make you feel like family while you’re there. My 2 month old was having a meltdown and instead of rescheduling my appointment, Sahar soothed him so I could have some much needed me time. I can’t say enough about Sahar, Kelly, Avi, Kendra, Mari, and the rest of the staff at this awesome salon. Truly a gem! “ Jackie Ciarelli

“ Mi Cumbia is the prototype of - "

“ - what a nail salon should be. The service is attentive, comprehensive and quality. They treat every customer with love and respect, even high maintenance customers like my friends and I. They offer you neck warmers, open the libation of your choice (as long as it’s not red wine because of all the beautiful natural fibers) and their signature coffee.

When you come in you are greeted with warmth, it’s a small and intimate setting and the service style reflects that. The respect of the employees sets the tone for the respect they have for their customers. You can feel comfortable as a new customer in this space regardless of your background, ethnicity, or lifestyle. So if you are looking for a new venue to get a pedicure or manicure, try them.

They exercise impeccable hygiene and have sanitiary practices. The packages are worth the price to create a great shared experience for a loved one, a partner or a valued employee! “ Continuum Urban

" WONDERFUL place to get a manicure or pedicure. "

“ Gabriella is the best at cleaning up my cuticles, which is the primary reason for me to get a manicure. Service is excellent, and the end result is always beautiful and lasts a long time. I love the approach of using non-toxic, natural treatments such as coconut and citrus. I highly recommend Mi Cumbia. Why go anywhere else? “ MacDonald, Sara

" One of my favorite places to visit. "

“ I've been a customer for years. I moved 2 years ago and when I come back in town I still go. They were the first salon to introduce me to organic and natural nail polish. Once you go there and don't smell the chemicals you normally smell in a nail salon It's hard to turn back. Plus, they offer an excellent service. It was hard finding something similar to Mi Cumbia in NJ/NY. Lot's of salons offered pieces of what they do, but not the whole package. I finally found something that works for me in NJ, but like I said if I have time when I go back to Philly I still go to Mi Cumbia. “ Reyna Lewis

" I have been coming to Mi Cumbia for - "

“ - about 4 years now and I'm never disappointed - I wouldn't think of going anywhere else! Karina is such a knowledgeable aesthetician and makes sure that her clients know what's going on each step of the way. Vanessa has done such a great job picking up Karina's clients while she is on maternity leave - and I always feel like I'm in good hands. Though I mainly go for waxing, all of the staff is always so welcoming and friendly - I have so much fun when I'm there! It's a beautiful, calming, and clean atmosphere as well. Thank you Mi Cumbia staff for creating such a vibrant community! “ Tess Hooper

" Relaxing, fulfilling, radiating with love,- "

“ - warmth, and positivity. Only adjectives are necessary to describe how perfect this organic place is! I’m grateful for all the ladies (Kelly is perfect, and Gabriella gave me the best pedicure of my entire vida) at Mi Cumbia and for their dedication to precision, kindness, absolute luxurious comfort, and professionalism 🌴💞 “ Erica Szymanski

" This is honestly one of the best - "

“ - waxing places in Philadelphia. Karina and Vanessa are absolutely amazing, and I had a fairly pain-free waxing experience, since they use small strips for waxing. I have a sensitive skin, and I have tried hard wax. But, this is better. You will not regret going here. The ambiance is cheery and jovial, and they are very clean. I highly recommend this place! “ Arulselvi Selvaraja