" In a word:  YUMMY.   The best, most - "

" - delightful pedicure I have ever had.  Today was my first visit, and I have no idea why I have never found this place before.  The salon is small, beautiful, warm and very inviting.  The music was delightful, and the staff are all adorable, kind and very attentive.  All this before I even got my toes done!  The coconut pedicure was so delicious, no nasty synthetic perfume smells or over scented lotion that other places use.   What a treat!  I almost forgot I was actually getting my toes painted, because I was so relaxed and happy.  The pedicure itself is lovely, well done, perfect color,  and great attention.  Cannot say enough.  Looking forward to coming back.  Worth every penny.  You absolutely get what you pay for here, the sensory experience is a true pleasure in a fast paced world.  Do not hesitate to visit, you will love it." Beth G. 


" Do it! There is a good reason they - "

" - are a little bit pricier. You will spend time around people who feel like they actually care about giving you whatever you need and creating a beautiful experience for you. From start to finish, helping me find a color, friendly and relaxed vibes, refilling my tea without me even asking, being so kind when I criticized my own feet, and so generous when I f-ed up my polish on the way out, I am impressed. And grateful. A place like this is actually quite rare. I will throw my extra money at them whenever I can." Jennifer D. 

" Hands down the best mani/pedi I've ever had! "

" My mother-in-law and I tried Mi Cumbia for the first time last week and had the coconut mani and pedi. The experience was 5+ stars from beginning to end. Since they use polish with minimal chemicals, you are not overwhelmed by fumes when you walk in. You are immediately greeted by friendly staff who get you situated. This is a small place with only 2 pedicure chairs in the back providing a truly intimate and relaxing experience. The estheticians take their time and are masters at relaxation techniques and massages and also have a wonderful sense of humor. I normally have to get gel manicures because polish does not stay on my hands but opted for regular polish which lasted for a week despite the fact that my work is not kind on my hands. They offer BYOB service without a cocking fee. From now on, this will be the only place I go for my manis and pedis!" Eden V.


" I have been going to Mi Cumbia for - "

- a few years after searching on Yelp for an organic nail and waxing salon. Since my first time, I have always received outstanding service from everyone who works here. Karina and the team truly treat you like family. I used to dread going to the salon but now I look forward to it. It is pricier than other salons but it is well worth it based on the ease of scheduling, outstanding results, and friendly service." Katie L.  

" I have been a client of this oasis - "

" - since they opened as Tierra Mia. This is my "happy place". When friends or family  want to give me a gift they know I will love, they give me a gift certificate to Mi Cumbia. Thank you to everyone at this magical, calm place. Oh - and the services are top notch! I lived in Los Angeles,( the land of grooming!) for 16 years and no salon that offered organic nail services came close to the quality of the services at Mi Cumbia." WENDY C. 

" My first time to Mi Cumbia was last week, - "

" - and I had a pedicure scheduled. It was pouring outside and I came in drenched. When I came in, I was given a towel to wipe my face and a warm neck pillow. They also threw my pants in the dryer and my socks as well. During the pedicure, I was given a small cup of coffee which was delicious.The pedicure itself was great and very relaxing. 

I highly recommend this place. The price is good considering that this place is clean, the service is good, and the products they use are high quality." Priya S.

" I'm very picky about my nails. "

" Purely bc of the fact that whenever I get manicures, my nail beds always peel :( no bueno. But I got the coconut shellac manicure here and I loved it. I felt no pain, and my nails are perfect. The coffee here is just amazing btw... I have half a mind to go back and get it.. But I really love this place. Will definitely be going back when I visit Philly. "  Monique N.

2017 Beauty & Wellness Guide: (Organic Mani/Pedi)

" Mi Cumbia is – hands down – the best manicure I have ever had in Philly. Before I even stepped foot into the coveted organic nail salon, I heard rumblings that beckoned me to book an appointment.

“This beautiful hole in the wall in Rittenhouse feels like you've stepped into a five-star hotel in Colombia,” as one friend described it. Indeed, my all-organic coconut manicure transported me to Cartagena for a hot second. My manicurist, the gregarious Kendra, nourished my dry, brittle hands with coconut oil, coconut milk and fresh shredded coconut. Mi Cumbia’s owners, husband and wife duo Karina and Hustine Mitchell, are rumored to have started the first organic nail salon in the country.

Verdict: Here, we have a Center City oasis that’s just waiting to revive your hands and feet. This is also a special escape for expectant moms – Mi Cumbia’s hand and feet rubs don’t disappoint. " 

328 S 17th St. | 215-735-7980  ( By JORDYN SHAFFER )

" I've been coming to Mi Cumbia - "

" - now for years. I moved to NJ in 2014 and have tried many nail salons closer to home and still NO ONE comes close to Mi Cumbia. I feel like the staff are a part of my family. The customer service is outstanding. The quality and products are also outstanding. I can't wait for the day when a Mi Cumbia comes to NJ! Until then, I'll continue to visit my favorite place in Philly. "  Sandy Stewart

" I have been going to Karina for - "

" - a Brazilian and Eye Brow wax every 5 weeks for the past two years. She is personable, kind and caring as well as an incredibly professional and talented waxer. I swore I would never try getting a Brazilian again ages ago after a painful experience at a different salon... I absolutely promise you you will not have that experience here. After your first time, each trip becomes more quick and efficient as well as comfortable. Her technique and care make the pain barely noticeable from the start. You will not feel awkward or uncomfortable here, ever, even on the waxing table. You will not regret it! Their complimentary aftercare products are on point and you will feel totally welcome each time. Love it here!!! "  Kate L.

" I was there in May with a group - "

" - of girls for our friends wedding. As bridesmaids, we contacted Mi Cumbia and were able to set up a spa party for the bride to be! We were able to bring champagne and food and relax. 

From the moment we arrived they were so welcoming and friendly. We were a little late, but they were very kind and were still able to accommodate us. Our manicures were very well done, and they lasted for weeks! 

I loved it so much I plan on going back in August for my own wedding. I highly recommend! "  Lisa A.

" A friend bought me a birthday gift - "

" - card for Mi Cumbia and I'm so glad she did. I arrived at the small but hip salon (wooden tables, vintage signs) to a lovely welcome from the receptionist/fabulous hostess, and then sipped delicious Colombian-style coffee (free with a Yelp checkin deal, tea free always) while I waited a couple of minutes. I have never had such a careful manicure--I want to call it thoughtful--and it looks perfect: great shaping and application. (It's a sheer gel mani and I will report back on how it lasts.) The manicurist was friendly and she happily explained the salon's special nontoxic, water-based range of lacquers, which I'll be back to try soon. As other reviewers mentioned, it's so peaceful being in a salon with no toxic fumes! I loved the experience so much that I booked in for an eyebrow wax the same day, which was equally thoughtful, friendly, and well-explained as to what would suit my face and brow shape (after I asked for this advice). If you come here, you'll leave feeling gorgeous and well taken care of! "  Becky H.

" This is the first time I've written a review - "

" - for anything. I feel I need to write one for Mia Cumbia.  I've been going here for years and I can't say enough about this place.  The staff and owners are so friendly.  Always make you feel at home.  They do an excellent job on my nails and my cuticles are mess going in but after I'm done they look great.  Love, love, love Blanca.  She does an amazing job.  Mia Cumbia is not your regular nail salon.  No toxic fumes and you don't feel like you're in an assembly line getting your nails done.  It's like being on a mini vacation. "  Jennifer S.

" I just moved out of Philadelphia, and - "

" - this is one place I'll miss for sure. I've gotten a few manicures and brow waxes here during my year in Philadelphia, and there's nowhere else in the city I'd recommend for those services. The employees here are warm and friendly, the shop is cute and super clean, and they have several creative manicures and pedicures to choose from (go coconut, you won't regret it).

One thing that's especially nice is that the employees at Mi Cumbia speak English (and at least a couple speak Spanish). This isn't one of those salons where you struggle to ask questions or convey what you want because nobody there speaks much English. It's not that I dislike people from other cultures, but I hate trying to conduct transactions with people who may or may not understand what I'm saying. 

The other thing that's great at Mi Cumbia (and very rare in salons) is that they're extremely conscious of the environment, the toxicity of certain products, and what's best for your overall hair/skin/nail health. I've seen places where they use a dremel to remove old polish (throwing up all kinds of hazardous dust and killing your nail bed), and I can't even imagine something like that happening here. 

Overall, highly recommended. Don't even shop around, just go here. You'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else that's comparable. "   Stefanie H.

" After driving around to what seemed - "

" - like forever for a parking spot, I came here without an appointment and was able to get an express mani and pedi!  It was the best pedicure i've ever had.  It was cold and there was snow but step into Mi Cumbia and feel like you've gone on a tropical vacation.  You can't help but feel completely relaxed as aroma of the products takes your worries away.  Im a fan of their organic products and natural techniques.  Everyone was very accommodating.  Yeah, i paid much more than what i normally would, but the whole experience was worth it.  After all, it's nice to treat yourself once in a while. "  Joanne T.

" I've gone to MI CUMBIA twice now, - "

" - and it's absolutely awesome. It's the most comfortable I've ever been in a salon, both because my head isn't aching from fumes and because the owners and staff are so friendly. 

The decor makes it really relaxing and welcoming, plus the exfoliates and oils they use smell like heaven. And it's definitely worth the money considering my manicures lasted close to two weeks each time. 

I'll definitely be going back! "  Nicole K.