“ Mi Cumbia is the prototype of - "

“ - what a nail salon should be. The service is attentive, comprehensive and quality. They treat every customer with love and respect, even high maintenance customers like my friends and I. They offer you neck warmers, open the libation of your choice (as long as it’s not red wine because of all the beautiful natural fibers) and their signature coffee.

When you come in you are greeted with warmth, it’s a small and intimate setting and the service style reflects that. The respect of the employees sets the tone for the respect they have for their customers. You can feel comfortable as a new customer in this space regardless of your background, ethnicity, or lifestyle. So if you are looking for a new venue to get a pedicure or manicure, try them.

They exercise impeccable hygiene and have sanitiary practices. The packages are worth the price to create a great shared experience for a loved one, a partner or a valued employee! “ Continuum Urban