" In a word:  YUMMY.   The best, most - "

" - delightful pedicure I have ever had.  Today was my first visit, and I have no idea why I have never found this place before.  The salon is small, beautiful, warm and very inviting.  The music was delightful, and the staff are all adorable, kind and very attentive.  All this before I even got my toes done!  The coconut pedicure was so delicious, no nasty synthetic perfume smells or over scented lotion that other places use.   What a treat!  I almost forgot I was actually getting my toes painted, because I was so relaxed and happy.  The pedicure itself is lovely, well done, perfect color,  and great attention.  Cannot say enough.  Looking forward to coming back.  Worth every penny.  You absolutely get what you pay for here, the sensory experience is a true pleasure in a fast paced world.  Do not hesitate to visit, you will love it." Beth G.