" I just moved out of Philadelphia, and - "

" - this is one place I'll miss for sure. I've gotten a few manicures and brow waxes here during my year in Philadelphia, and there's nowhere else in the city I'd recommend for those services. The employees here are warm and friendly, the shop is cute and super clean, and they have several creative manicures and pedicures to choose from (go coconut, you won't regret it).

One thing that's especially nice is that the employees at Mi Cumbia speak English (and at least a couple speak Spanish). This isn't one of those salons where you struggle to ask questions or convey what you want because nobody there speaks much English. It's not that I dislike people from other cultures, but I hate trying to conduct transactions with people who may or may not understand what I'm saying. 

The other thing that's great at Mi Cumbia (and very rare in salons) is that they're extremely conscious of the environment, the toxicity of certain products, and what's best for your overall hair/skin/nail health. I've seen places where they use a dremel to remove old polish (throwing up all kinds of hazardous dust and killing your nail bed), and I can't even imagine something like that happening here. 

Overall, highly recommended. Don't even shop around, just go here. You'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else that's comparable. "   Stefanie H.