" A friend bought me a birthday gift - "

" - card for Mi Cumbia and I'm so glad she did. I arrived at the small but hip salon (wooden tables, vintage signs) to a lovely welcome from the receptionist/fabulous hostess, and then sipped delicious Colombian-style coffee (free with a Yelp checkin deal, tea free always) while I waited a couple of minutes. I have never had such a careful manicure--I want to call it thoughtful--and it looks perfect: great shaping and application. (It's a sheer gel mani and I will report back on how it lasts.) The manicurist was friendly and she happily explained the salon's special nontoxic, water-based range of lacquers, which I'll be back to try soon. As other reviewers mentioned, it's so peaceful being in a salon with no toxic fumes! I loved the experience so much that I booked in for an eyebrow wax the same day, which was equally thoughtful, friendly, and well-explained as to what would suit my face and brow shape (after I asked for this advice). If you come here, you'll leave feeling gorgeous and well taken care of! "  Becky H.