" OK. I am simply an aspiring restaurant reviewer. "

" My yelps are almost entirely food. A bit bored in the city, decided to give a pedicure a try. I have never had one and it was time to splurge"
I had my friend and his son join in the fun.  The three of us had quite the treat. The owners/hosts made us feel at home, along with their fantastic team. We went with both special treatments of both manicures and pedicures.  But first, they offer us a drink popular in Columbia (the owners home). It has sugar cane that is boiled and reduced to a syrup and is then mixed with fresh lime and water. Awesome.
First the manicure. I had the coconut treatment. Besides a perfect manicure, coconut oil is brushed then massged into your skin, then fresh coconut flakes are rubbed in to exfoliate.
Next the pedicure. Nice cushy massage chairs allow you to control settings. I had the Cumbia. Along with a pedicure, cucumber puree is massaged into your legs and feet along with cucumber slices placed between your toes. I was apprehensive about getting the pedicure because I have very tickly feet. Besides a moment or two my feet were not sensitive and I found the treatment (and my neglected feet) to be very relaxing.
I enjoy a good massage maybe once or twice a year. This experience provides a similar level of indulgence.
I do hope to schedule some more in the near future.
This place is all organic. Even better. We all had a great time with relaxation and laughs. "  David A.