" I've been coming to Mi Cumbia for nail and waxing services - "

" - for a while and have nothing but good things to say about ambiance, experience, and customer service. The staff are friendly and attentive. The prices for manicure/pedicure can seem steep but I don't get my nails done regularly so I'm willing to pay more. They provide a level of cleanliness that you don't get in a typical salon and use non-toxic polishes so you don't feel like you're inhaling fumes. Vivian did the best manicure I've ever had! As for waxing, it's all single-use and again a level of cleanliness that is not always maintained at other salons. Karina, the owner, provides the waxing services and is very professional. Mi Cumbia gives you a packet of lotion to prevent infection and ingrown hair with every appointment.   

I've noticed they get very busy in the summer so you have to schedule your appointments accordingly! "  Brenna R.