I highly recommend this place -

- for bikini waxing (and probably anything else they do, but waxing is all I've tried there). Karina is pleasant and professional, and chats while she works, which distracts you from what's going on down there. She also explains what she's going to do, so it's super comfortable even for first-timers. Go there if you've never done this before and want to make sure your first time doesn't scare you off for life. 

I also highly recommend Mi Cumbia's waxing for those with super-sensitive skin, like me, because I had very minimal irritation, thanks to the good ingredients they use. They give you a (free) refreshing/sterilizing cream to use after the treatment to make sure your pores don't get infected.

If you're feeling squeamish (or you're not but you want to treat yourself to a positive waxing experience), this is a great pick.  Stephanie H.