" First of all let me say I am not young - "

" - (although young at heart) and that I have never been the type of woman who keeps up on her nails. I have always been somewhat intimidated by "beauty places;" by the cliquishness and at many I instantly feel my mental age regressing to junior high when I was clearly not one of the "cool girls." So I'm always a little nervous about going to a new place. But the folks at Tierra immediately made me feel welcome and that they were glad I was there. And the service was fantastic - I was clearly in the hands of a professional who was dedicated to doing a good job. GREAT place, wonderful vibe, welcoming to all. I'm very, very happy with Tierra.
I returned yesterday to take a friend as a graduation present. Another wonderful experience and excellent service! Really nice folks who take great pride in making their clients feel welcomed and in doing a fantastic job. "  Kathy Smith