" MI CUMBIA has officially ruined every nail - "

" - salon experience from here on out. I can never go back to the traditional over-crowded nail salons that reek of chemicals and feel like a feet factory. This is my new happy place. 

I experienced a coconut pedicure at MI CUMBIA on Monday at 1:30. I had been lusting after this place for quite some time and manifested a gift certificate for Christmas. The space is small, but wonderfully decorated to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.  Upon entering Justin greeted me and offered me water or coffee. Knowing it was my first time, he then showed me the polish wall. I had plenty of colors to choose from and opted for a ZOYA sparkly silver for New Years. Kendra took me to the back room for my pedicure and relaxation ensued. My toe polish was removed, cuticles tended to, heels pumiced, warm coconut oil applied (my favorite part), feet massaged (2nd favorite part), legs scrubbed with coconut shavings (3rd favorite part), and then nails painted. Kendra really took her time to make sure my toes looked great. It was absolutely heavenly. 

When I was finished I was placed under a foot dryer for 15 minutes. I planned poorly and didn't bring flip flops, but Justin made extra sure that I was dry before leaving. He warned against wearing my shoes home without socks because the seams might mess with the polish. I ended up wearing the salon covers for the two block walk. Next time, I'll remember my flops! I've never experienced this level of attention to detail and deeply appreciate all the care they took with me. Can't wait to go back! "  Kristen M.