When I called, Sean (who is wonderful both -

- over the phone and in person) was able to get me a same day appointment even though there were no appointments left for the day.  I was leaving on vacation, and was in desperate need.  Sean was wonderful enough to ask Karina if she would take me after her last appointment, and she said "yes"!

After I arrived everyone in MuCumbia was so wonderful, friendly and interesting to talk to.  When I went in for my wax, Karina was very professional and explained the whole waxing "science" to me, which no one had ever done before.  The wax itself was the most pleasant, yes I used the word pleasant, wax experience of my life.  It was the least painful and thorough wax I have every had.  So, thank you MiCumbia for opening my eyes, I will be back!


Sarah C.