This is the most amazing nail salon I have ever been to.

Not only is it a chemical free experience, but the service is warm and attentive. Like many people, I am used to the "assembly-line" style service that happens at most nail salons - you walk in, they rush you to pick a color, they make you sign your name on a list and wait, then they rush you to a chair, rush you through your service, and then you're out the door. While the efficiency is admirable, the experience is far from relaxing. Traditionally these environments are also lacking - stark white walls with random pictures on the walls, beyonce blasting, and maybe a vase of fake flowers to try and warm it up. Also, your in a room with as many as 15 strangers getting the same sort of treatment, which can also make it hard to relax.

Mi Cumbia is leaps and bounds superior, and it shows. 

When I called to make an appointment, Shaun answered the phone; he is the nicest person I have ever spoken to on the phone in Philadephia. Seriously. He listened to my needs and guided me in the right direction in terms of services, and I never felt like he was in a hurry to get off the phone; customers are clearly the priority here. 

When my sister and I showed up for services, they didn't even need to ask for our names. Theresa immediately came and took our bulky coats from us, and asked if we wanted colombian coffee. (The coffee is amazing! get it! Also, you can get chocolate flights or BYO!). Theresa took her time explaining all the different kinds of polishes to us, and helped us select a color. Jenny, the woman that did my nails, let me test out a few different polishes so I could pick the colors I truly liked. 

Once we made our decisions, we were ushered into the back of the salon, where we had our pedicures. The whole salon is warm and inviting, and cuban/salsa music was playing in the background. We were the only ones there, making for a truly relaxing and private experience. 

I could go on and on detailing the whole event, but honestly, the take aways are these: 

it was the best experience I have ever had at a nail salon, I am in love with the way my nails came out, I was thoroughly relaxed upon leaving, and the entire staff is fabulous. 

Also, it should be noted that my sister and I got "express" manicures and pedicures, which were very luxurious - I can only imagine what the coconut pedi and mani, their signature service, is like!

Please go and support this wonderful business - you will not regret it!


Laura J.