The short and sweet: ..

.. You wanna feel relaxed and like a million bucks?  Treat yourself to their wonderful services. 

After a few terribly stressful weeks of studying for the boards and only wanting to stomp my feet and pout about all the crap I can't cram into my brain, I decided I needed to chill the hell out.  I searched around for a place to get a pedicure.  Well, I found Tierra Mia had pedicures. And they had massages. And they had a space for me in the next hour.  

I walk in with my giant backpack.  Check in.  Am given some water.  Get to pick out my color and type of pedicure.  I pick the Citrus Splash (which was the best pedi I have ever ever ever had.).  My masseuse was Sheenah and left me feeling like I was walking on a cloud.  Can I hire you guys to live in the guest suite of the house I hopefully one day will have?

PS - Remember to bring your own flip-flops post-pedi!

Bryanne R.