So, while it may seem that I lack -

- credibility due to the fact that this is my first and therefore only review, I want it to be noted that I've joined Yelp primarily to rave about Tierra Mia/Mi Cumbia. Having moved from Manhattan a few years back I was shocked and terrified at a couple things with regards to the brazilian wax options available in Philly:
A. The duct tape stories! Who the ef uses duct tape in that area!? Not only is that incredibly ghetto, it is unbelievably psychotic!
B. The price. I think that has to do with the lack of options and not many places offering this type of wax.
C. The time. A lot of places that had solid reviews and one place that I tried out (Body Sanctuary) stated the wax would take approximately 45 mins to an hour. Which,by the way, is preposterous! 

Let me preface by explaining that there were a few places in NY i frequented where the quality of the wax was stellar, the prices varied between $35-$60 and took anywhere between 15 mins to 30 mins. At Mi Cumbia, i had my wax with Karina. The wax itself was great quality and literally as painless as wax can be. She was full of tips and very helpful at making it a very relaxing and pleasant experience. She provided me with lotion for afterwards as well. While it took a little while it was nowhere near the alleged 45 mins other places stated. It was, without a doubt, THE BEST brazilian I've ever had,and at $65, a steal if you really consider the other options. Also, I think the first time is $10 more than usual, but I wouldn't quote that.

All in all,a solid wax, very friendly and SUPER helpful and accomodating staff, great location and great price. I will for sure be a regular! Thanks Tierra Mia!  Neha P.