Okay. I'll give you that there is something that isn't perfect -

- about this place - it's a bit pricey.

Now that THAT's out of the way, notice that it still gets 5 stars. You get what you pay for because...

1) All the manicurists are SO skilled. I call for appointments and have no preference for who I see, because I've never been disappointed.

2) The fun and organic treatments are wonderful. And, as I tell all my friends, after my first foot massage here my life was never the same. 

3) They offer you coffee or herbal tea when you walk in. Take the coffee. It's good.

4) Everyone is SO friendly, and always upbeat and in a good mood. And they're funny. Makes getting a pedi that much more fun.

5) This is small, but they have more than your typical Cosmos and People magazine (do they even have People magazine) for you during-pedi reading...love that they have Travel & Leisure - I actually have something to read there!

6) Lastly, the best part - there's no formaldehyde lingering in the air, threatening to knock you out with a cancer-causing punch the second you walk in. It smells SO good in there. 

Call them. Set up an appointment. Like, NOW.  Avneet S.