Justin greeted me at the door with a welcoming smile

.... and offer of water--and you can actually breathe in this salon without getting a headache or feeling naseous from fumes. While I sat patiently he brought over the list for chocolate flights--immediately my ears were all his and went off of his suggestion of which was his favorite (Dominican today). For a buck you can't beat it and since it was 530 in the afternoon it was a great pick me up!  
Karina took me in the back for my waxing and, like other reviewers have stated, she explained waxing and why you shouldn't go somewhere that double dips. I've never had anyone explain to me about waxing and what you should look for in a reputable salon before and, I'm glad she does this. Seriously wish other salons would too but, I guess that shows the level of commitment she has toward providing a healthy, pleasant experience.
What I *really* appreciated was that she said for me to come back in a week or two to get my legs waxed because, while she could wax them today it would be pointless. If we'd done it today I wouldn't have had smooth "hairless" legs as there were some short hairs that need to grow out a bit more. So, needless to say, I immediately decided I'm only going here the rest of the time I'm in Philly. Also, this was the most painless wax I've ever had...I do have a high tolerance for pain but I think anyone can make it through a waxing with Karina.  Also, she put on this antibiotic cream that's nice and cooling while a bit tingly, and gives you a little packet to apply the next day to deter ingrowns and any sort of infection. Definitely a nice touch!
We were talking about Colombia and I have a few friends from there so she said she'd give me some panela to try. OMG...I may have replaced my sweet tea habit with this stuff!! It is definitely worth whatever price they are charging for a glass...definitely cools you off and is just sweet enough, the freshly squeezed lime juice was a nice touch too. 
So, if you've read this far and have any hesitations, please just book an appointment and get in on the not-so well-kept secret of Tierra Mia. I've already booked my next waxing and am figuring out how to make a mani/pedi appointment work with my schedule.

Kerry D.