Karen B.

this review is for the coconut manicure, which i indulged in a week ago but waited to write about so i could see if the polish stayed on or not.

the verdict? awesome.

i'm the kind of girl who occasionally splurges for a manicure, then takes it off a day or two later at the first sign of chipping. not this time. i'm still rocking my "kaydee pink" nails a full week after my appointment with karina, who was really sweet, friendly and funny (and helped me choose the perfect color). the coconut oil (i think that's what it was?) she brushed onto my arms felt and smelled amazing, and the spa itself is a clean, beautiful and soothing environment. 

services might cost a bit more here than at typical nail salons, but i say it's worth it, not just because these people know what they're doing but also because of the strictly organic products they use. it freaks me out that many manicurists have to wear face masks at work -- for the hour i spent at tierra mia, i was psyched to avoid feeling like i was breathing in a bunch of toxic chemicals.

no complaints -- and i've already made another appointment (which says a lot about my experience here, considering i usually get about one manicure per year). love.