I admire Tierra Mia's sustainable practices

.... and use of natural ingredients in their treatments, but would give this spa five stars even if they hadn't exfoliated my hands with fresh coconut shavings. A group of us reserved Tierra for part one of a bachelorette party, and the staff could not have been more friendly, attentive to detail and expert at their particular services. On the windowsill we found towels wrapped around manicure and pedicure tools topped with a sheet of paper with our names and times for our treatments. Though we scheduled in advance, the staff had no problem adding or switching services as long as time allowed. In my case, this meant the addition of 20 minutes of reflexology on my neck and ears. At the end of it, I felt simultaneously clear-headed and heavy (not wanting to move from the chair). At $20, my manicure was only $5 more than many manicure places in the city, and it felt much more indulgent with the application of coconut oil to moisten the skin and the above-mentioned coconut flakes to get rid of any dead skin. 

The spa itself is spotless, tranquil and beautifully decorated, with light wood and seasonal flowers popping out of thin vases attached to the wall behind the manicure table. And the pedicure chair, which I only had the opportunity to observe, has headphones and a spot where you can plug in your ipod.

I can't recommend Tierra Mia enough for a special event (or everyday pampering).

Jessica L. ( 5 )