Jacqui S. ( 5 )

Is it possible to enjoy  Brazilian wax? Well Tierra Mia makes it possible! Let's start with the reception - it was a blazing hot and humid afternoon, so I was worried that being sweaty would make things difficult. Heat and humidity are no problem when the staff greats you with freshly squeezed limeade sweetened with Colombian cane sugar. Did I mention the lovely bite of dark Colombian chocolate that was offered as an accompaniment? The wax itself was perfection. Not only did Karina take time to discuss all the possibilities (they offer 3 basic "down-there" wax-jobs plus special requests), she did a wonderful and efficient job and sent me off with a cooling antibacterial cream that made practically made my nether parts whistle. Inasmuch as one can actually look forward to a Brazilian, I really can't wait to go back!