I went to Tierra Mia and had the coconut mani/pedi.

The place is small, but I think that works in its favor making it a more intimate experience.

I got there a little early and didn't have to wait long.  There are two chairs in the backroom for pedicures.  These chairs are awesome.  They were comfortable and easily adjustable. 

The coconut oil applied was organic and felt wonderful and made my skin glow.  Rosie gave me a mini leg massage which also felt wonderful.  The coconut scrub looked yummy enough to eat!  It is an effective exfoliator.  While she was buffing my nails, the buffer fell, the owner was passing by and just automatically picked it up and threw it out while Rosie was simultaneously reaching for a new one.  This was a big positive for me.

My feet had been neglected for some time, but she put in the time and effort to get my feet looking and feeling right.  My hands got the same loving attention.  When discussing the color that I had chosen for my fingernail, Rosie let me know that that color was not pink tinted as I thought but was actually sheer.  She helped me choose the right color I was looking for. 

The nail polishes are water based, eliminating the toxic fumes that are usually associated with nail salons.  However, because of the different base in the nail polish, it requires special care.  I was told how to care for my nails in the first 12 hrs to help the curing process.

While my fingernails were drying, Justin came over and offered me a delightful Colombian drink made of sugar cane juice and limes, and a piece of dark chocolate.  We also chatted briefly about where the sugar cane came from in Colombia.  He was quite personable and checked with me if I had been told about the curing process.  

I'm really impressed with this place.  I don't mind spending a little more if the place is clean and well run.  I've had a few horror stories from cheap, fast and unclean places so I've become VERY picky about where I will go for a mani/pedi, and this is where I will return.

Well done, Tierra Mia!  Jean C.