I hardly ever write reviews, ..

.. usually just rely on others to help me make decisions...but I HAD to write this one. I decided to try out Tierra Mia based on Yelp reviews, and I am so happy that I did! I went for my first Brazilian wax, and of course I was very nervous (aka terrified). However, as soon as I walked in I felt welcomed and comfortable. 
Since it was my ever Brazilian wax (or any type of wax for that matter!) Karina took the time to explain exactly what would happen, what it might feel like, and what to expect afterwards. She even told me what to watch out for if I go to a different salon/spa for a waxing (double dipping etc.), which I feel is a pretty rare custom! In the beginning  I felt pretty self-conscious and nervous but Karina made me feel comfortable.

Ok now for my take on the pain...you are putting wax on your skin and ripping out every little hair so of course it is going to hurt...but it really wasn't that bad! I don't in any way have a high tolerance for pain so I was expecting to be in agony, but it wasn't that way at all. Some sections hurt more than others, which Karina warned me about ahead of time, so she would have me take deep breaths when she got to those areas. I think it also helps to not take any rest between sections, otherwise you have time to lay there and think about the pain-better to get it all done with quickly! 

Overall, my experience was great and the price was comparable to other salons in the area so I have since gone back for a maintenance and just scheduled another.

Lauren S.