I absolutely love this place -

- and can't wait to return! The decor and ambiance are so unique and pleasing to step into. The staff members were all so friendly and welcoming, and the services we received were fantastic. I especially love the little extras they offer, such as an amazing chocolate selection and the unique tasting flights. I can't wait to try the coffee with panela next time I come in. 

But the organic part really can't be beat, and that alone makes this place worth the price. I opted for the water-based polish on my toes and it's lasted more than 4 weeks already. It requires a curing process where you have to avoid contact with water, which is much easier with feet than hands, but it's so long-lasting that it's well worth doing. I love that they offer non-toxic, organic services that are really high-quality. There's nowhere else like this place.


Shauna S.