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Let me tell you how I've been searching and searching for a good nail salon in Philly seemingly to no avail and have finally found one in Tierra Mia!! now I've been to a few that I've gotten good mani's from and yet haven't tried the pedi's so in all fairness, there may be a few more to add to my lists of favorites if ever I were to check out their pedicure services. Yet as it stands to date, Tierra Mia stands alone. 

I have these sandals I wear, don't know the appropriate name for them but my entire foot is exposed in them therefore my feet are constantly attracting dirt when I wear them, coupled with having gone to the beach when I went to this salon needless to say my feet had picked up a LOT of dirt on top of the fact that I get a lot more dead skin than I use to and need to maintain it often felt I needed to do away with my at home pedi this time around and let the pros do it. Although I am a cosmetologist myself, still not the same:) 

Anyway I went in and was greeted by a lovely receptionist. I'd asked her which service she recommended, I had one in mind but wanted to hear her thoughts. She told me that people usually like to start off with Bagazo Del Coconut and work their way into different ones on different visits and with it being the least expensive on the menu ($40 Pedi/$20 mani) I appreciated her suggestion and went with the coconut. 

The shop owner (didn't do my nails but did my daughters who got the mani version of this service) took an actual coconut broke it and shaved it for my service! My Nail Tech who's name I forget started me with a food bath with warm water to which she added vanilla which was seeping in warm water. She then proceeded to give me my pedicure, actually explaining (fancy that!) what she was doing and why. Because of all of the dirty and dead skin, she used a cleanser that is normally used for another service yet never once flinched like eww who is this women with these dirty feet, nor did she say it'll cost you extra for this! I did explain my sandals but even still she could have been rude about it and took extra care to ensure my pedicure was perfect when finished. 

So once she did all of the basic pedi stuff, she brushed on organic virgin coconut oil, then took the shaved coconut and used as an exfoliate which removed any dead skin and dirt that seeps into the pores, did this from my knee down. Once this was done, she took a hot towel and wrapped my legs and wiped off the oil and coconut. Oh wait before that was the massage, an actually massage by a trained professional whom I'm paying to give this service again fancy that! And yes my sarcasm is linked to bad pedicures past. 

At the end of the service she painted my nails this beautiful orange color that she picked out for me. It's a few days later and I'm amazed by the fact that I do not see any areas in which she missed, no returning dead skin no dry areas around my cuticles none of that. 

It's the first time in a long time that I've gone to a nail salon and gotten the service I paid for plus some. $40 may seem steep for some but the service equaled the cost plus considering all natural organic products were used and is recommended as a monthly service, very good if you ask me. 

Forgot to mention the water served with an orange slice and a piece of chocolate that I was served during my service. 

I can't brag enough about this place, and sure I could go on (on the salon itself was beautiful as well) but will just say definitely check it out for yourself you won't be disappointed.