B M.

Honestly, I could write a novel on how wonderful this salon is. I have been a regular customer since the very first days of the salon (Tierra Mia!) with Justin and Karina. They have truly put their heart and soul into their business, and they have a wonderful staff that never fails to greet me with warmth and genuine desire to make my experience beyond exceptional every time. I'm a broke graduate student, so the prices are a little steep for me, but more than worth it. You are truly paying for an experience at Mi Cumbia Organica. Also, the polish lasts much longer than any other salon polsh I've ever had. Karina, Marjorie, and staff are particular and take pain-staking effort with each client to produce their best products. I have and will continue to recommend this salon to every woman I know. Every woman deserves to have the Mi Cumbia Organica salon experience!