Every manicurista at MI CUMBIA is highly trained professional, no seasonal staff here. All services use fresh, organic ingredients with no additives and no artificial fragrances. At MI CUMBIA, our commitment to detail results in a durable, beautiful manicure.  



You haven't traveled far, but a pedicura at MI CUMBIA provides a moment of calm to relax or a special place to connect with a friend. We take pride in assuring that every visit provides you the time needed to decompress, encouraging guests to put their phone down and place life on hold for just a moment. 



These MI CUMBIA retreats are perfect if you're looking to unwind and relax. Enjoy our signature Pedicura, Manicura, and Mango Foot Massage.  



When you're looking for a foot massage, just a classic, relaxing foot massage.  


"WORTH every penny!"

" This is the best nail salon in the city. The pedicures are intimate and relaxing. I will keep coming back here because the staff is friendly and professional the salon is clean and their services are awesome. The colombian coffee and chocolates are amazing as well! “

— Alexandra R.

“ VERY friendly and hospital staff. ”

" Great attention to detail and gentle with my manicure! The natural coconut scrub/oil is exactly what I wish all salons would use, i have sensitive skin and it felt wonderful! I wish they were in my city so I could be a regular! ”

— Lorinda W.

"The People are so wonderful"

" The entire staff is warm, professional, and dedicated to making sure you're 100% pleased with your services making  the occasion special. I highly recommend this place!

— Ali Z.

“ I LOVE the service here ”

" Blanca was great! In addition to the friendly staff I love the fact that when you step in Mi Cumbia it immediately brings you to another place. You are no longer in your neighborhood spa. I come from a Hispanic family and when I am here I feel like I am home :-) "

— Jessica G..

" I live in NEW YORK CITY and I come back to PHILLY just for MI CUMBIA. I have not been able to find anything at the same level or even close, anywhere else. " 

— Amy H.


MI CUMBIA is waiting for you.