PIONEERS OF ORGANIC NAIL CARE⎰ Husband & Wife ( Philadelphia, PA. )

 Karina Mitchell (Co-Owner) ' Outstanding Immigrant Entrepreneur ' City of Philadelphia, 2016: Karina’s a native of Colombia, is an accomplished esthetician and nail technician who perfected the beauty techniques of her homeland using natural materials like salt water, coconut and clay. She along with Hustine Mitchell developed MI CUMBIA Organica’s groundbreaking application technique for water-based polishes using a certified organic base coat and certified organic nail conditioner. Prior to opening MI CUMBIA, Karina received awards for Best Manicure/Pedicure in Rittenhouse Square (2005, Philadelphia Style) and runner-up Best Manicure/Pedicure in Rittenhouse Square (2006, Philadelphia Style). Karina is an accomplished nail technician from Colombia, exposed to the traditions of Colombia’s tribal Wayu. While on her native soil Karina practiced techniques of creating exfoliates by mixing sand with coconut found on the beach. She came to the United States after studing Engineering from the University of EAFIT. Since moving to Philadelphia in 2003 she worked around Rittenhouse Square were she was awarded “Best Manicure / Pedicure” and best of in “Philly Style” “Best of Philly Style Magazine, (2005)” and while at MI CUMBIA she has established a long list of awards. 

Hustino Mitchell (Co-Owner) MI CUMBIA’s business coordinator, envisioned MI CUMBIA Colombiana to be the leader in a new era for reinventing the nail industry.  His background in architecture, design, and education at RISD strongly influenced his unique approach to MI CUMBIA’s aesthetic, its mission and its services. He designed the spa to make a minimal impact on the environment, using VOC-free, recycled and renewably-sourced materials including American Clay walls and Kirei work surfaces. He continues to direct the spa’s mission to educate and give back to the community and the environment with each of its services. Hustine has a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from University of the Arts.

Hustino Mitchell is also the founder & chairman of the SPECIALTY GRADE, CANE SUGAR ASSOCIATION - and HEIRLOMA, Whole Cane Sugar -