Whether it’s a Girls’ Night Out, a birthday, a wedding or any special occasion, it’s always fun to spa with friends and family! Fill out our RESERVA Request Form below and let us help you plan the perfect day for you and your friends.

Once you’ve filled out the form, an Event Coordinator will be in touch with you. She will walk you through the whole process to ensure every detail is covered to make a memorable experience for you and your friends. If you need information promptly, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at (215) 735-7980.

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  • Services are a la cart. Each person can receive any combination of services.
  • There‘s no charge for the spa space; you only pay for the spa services scheduled.
  • Anyone who comes to MI CUMBIA during your time should receive at least one service.
  • Maximum is 15 people per group. 
  • Depending on the group size, MI CUMBIA could be occupied by just your group. 


  •  ( Manicura ) COCONUT: Bagazo - 30 mn - $36
  •  ( Manicura ) SHELLAC: Americana - 30 mn - $39     
  •  ( Pedicura ) LIMON: Organica  - 30 mn - $48
  •  ( Foot Massage ) MANGO  - 30 mn - $42
  •  - 20% gratuity is added automatically to the total for each service at check out. - 


  • Provide the first, last name of each person and the services that they are scheduling.
  • Deposit for all parties; $5 per manicure, $10 per pedicure and $10 per foot massage. 
  • The party officially is booked in our schedule after a full deposit is provided and names with services are provided. 
  • Deposits are paid by one person. This amount is then deducted from the total of their services at check out. Please wait of MI CUMBIA to confirm the total amount of deposit before paying online. 
  • Deposits can be made online through our website. Select GIFT CERTIFICADOS link and choose the dollar amount line. When you continue, put your name as both the buyer and the recipient. After the transaction is complete, your deposit will be added to the account, confirming the appointments.


  • Please have your party ARRIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE your scheduled time, so the services can begin at the time scheduled.
  • If you are late for your scheduled party, it will be up to management to determine whether all of the services requested can be accommodated.  This will be based upon availability and can not be promised.
  • Party must be cleared and checked out by the time the last guest’s nails have dried (approximately 20-30mins. from the end of the last service.
  • Note: If anyone in your party wears gel polish, they will have to get it removed prior to us providing their service.


  • You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks to eat during your gathering.