MI CUMBIA is Philadelphia’s premier manicura & pedicure destination for wedding parties. 💌 #becausewecare

Menu of group service options

1ManicuraCoconut⎰$43 1ManicuraShellac⎰$44 3PedicuraSalinas⎰$51 4Foot Massage30mn⎰$51

5GoldWedding Ring Finger⎰$49 6Silver⎰Wedding Ring Finger⎰$39

💍 Be sure to include… Real 24k Gold & Sterling Silver accent nail as an add-on to any manicura for the bride ring finger.


🙌🏻 Message the following 🙌🏻

  • 1⎰Your first & last Name. 🌼

  • 2⎰Number of guests. 🎲

  • 3⎰First & last name of each person, plus their requested services.

    🕊We ask that anyone who comes to your gathering receive at least one service.

  • 3⎰Date & Time ( 1st choice )

  • 4⎰Date & Time ( 2nd choice )

💬 All the details to plan & schedule are below.


  • ARRIVE ON TIME, 🕊 as a group. Please take the lead to assure the group is moving and arrives @ MI CUMBIA on time or 5 minutes before. Consider parking, walking time, etc. 💌

  • GEL POLISH MUST be REMOVED PRIOR to arrival. 🌼 As the group leader, again please be sure to let each person know this important detail. 🔆


  • Services are a la cart. Each person can receive any combination of services.

  • There‘s no charge for the spa space; you only pay for the spa services scheduled.

  • Maximum is 15 people per group.

  • Depending on the group size, MI CUMBIA could be occupied by just your group.

  • 🎲 20% gratuity is added automatically to the total for each service at check out.


  • Deposit for all parties; $5 per manicure, $10 per pedicure and $10 per foot massage.

  • The party officially is booked in our schedule after a full deposit is provided and names with services are provided.

  • Deposits are paid by one person. This amount is then deducted from the total of their services at check out. Please wait of MI CUMBIA to confirm the total amount of deposit before paying online.


  • If you are late for your scheduled party, it will be up to management to determine whether all of the services requested can be accommodated. This will be based upon availability and can not be promised.

  • Party must be cleared and checked out by the time the last guest’s nails have dried (approximately 20-30mins. from the end of the last service.


  • You are welcome to bring drinks and snacks to eat during your gathering.